Engineering networks

Installation of internal and external power networks

Since the company's line of electrical work is a profile for the Group of Companies "Mostek."

Thanks to the established in 1995, the "backbone" of engineers and electricians, implementation of projects in the field of electricity is carried out at the highest level.
The list of completed projects have objects from apartments and houses to apartment buildings and shopping centers, and from food industry to such federal facilities as airport Pulkovo and Marine Facade.


Electric laboratory

Laboratory produces targeted and integrated test:

  • insulation resistance of electric wiring and cables;
  • resistance measurement of grounding devices;
  • measure the average room illumination
  • check for continuity between ground connection and the ground element set;
  • check chain "phase-zero" in 1000 volt electrical system TN;
  • checking of protective devices disable (RCD);
  • check of action releases breakers;
  • check relay equipment;

Assembly area panel equipment Group Companies "Mostek»

Specialists site assembled and commissioning panel equipment as products based on leading international companies, and on the basis of domestic components.

As the official partner of ABB, we are pleased offer you:

  • wide range of electrical distribution systems.
  • Elaborate circuit assembly and wiring.
  • distribution low voltage, type-tested.
  • cabinets in modular design for apartment and office at In-125A.
  • wall-mounted distribution boards for In-630.
  • Cabinets floor performance on the In-800A.
  • CLE (Low-voltage switchgear) performance on the floor In-4000A. If there are two entries, collected on a "cross", the rated current of In-8000A.

Main switchboard (MSB) is performed on the basis of cabinet Triline-R, which allows ready to integrate type-curves nodes and tested separate the hard-raty, current up to 4000A. A distinctive feature of the system - its compact design of functional parts, which facilitates the design and installation, and the ability to custom-tion Executive Power distribution tailor-made for the customer.


Installation of structured cabling systems

Group of companies "Mostek" is a certified partner of one of the world's largest passive equipment for local area networks, structured cabling systems (SCS) and its components, the company AMPNETCONNECT, which is part of the holding TYCOELECTRONICS.

Experts Group "Mostek "trained and regularly attend refresher AMPNETCONNECT the company in the following areas:

  • « Designing cabling AMPNETCONNECT »
  • « Installing cabling AMPNETCONNECT »
  • "The certification and diagnostics cabling AMPNETCONNECT»

This training allows for a full range of design, installation, commissioning and certification of SCS any level of complexity, with the ability to provide 5 - summer component and a 25-year system warranty on the work performed.

Installers Group "MOSTEK" trained in the section "Installation of cable systems AMPNETCONNECT», have experience in installation of systems SCS fifth and sixth categories, routing and connecting fiber optic cable, and provided with all the necessary equipment and tools to connect and test the installed systems.


Installation of internal and external systems and heating systems, water supply, drainage, ventilation and air-conditioning

RTD assembly department - it professionals in the field of heat, ventilation, water supply and sanitation.

Constantly increasing the skills of engineers and installers, as well as having the experience and all the necessary material and technical base, we are ready to make the design decisions of any complexity . Since its foundation, our experts provide services both to individual objects cottage building, and at major shopping complexes, produced works ranging from domestic heating systems (including systems and air heating system "warm floor") for water supply , sewerage networks and ending external heating, water and sewage systems. Also, the Group of Companies "MOSTEK" ready to run by partner companies work on the installation of ventilation, air conditioning and smoke.


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